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S3 928PCI

29 June 2024 in S3 Graphics

86C928 with added PCI Bus support.

Jingjia Micro JM9100

08 November 2023 in Jingjia Micro

A low power card for use with China's domestic HW and OS.

Dome DX2

16 June 2024 in Professional Cards 2D

Card for medical use in radiology based on a Xilinx FPGA core.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030

21 June 2024 in NVIDIA Corporation

Entry-level card from 2017.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 DDR4

12 August 2023 in NVIDIA Corporation

Silent re-release of entry-level card with slower DDR4 memory.

Intel 740

07 August 2014 in Intel Corp.

1st intel 3D graphics chipset.

Avance Logic ALG2564

14 June 2024 in Avance Logic, Inc.

Low cost 32-bit chip with 64-bit memory bus, same as ALG25128 but with reduced memory and resolution support.


14 May 2024 in UMC (Unicorn Microelectronics Corp.)

SVGA chipset always found on a VLB board with super I/O included.

Oak OTI-64111

18 October 2014 in Oak Technology

Video support.

AMD FirePro V3900

08 June 2024 in Advanced Micro Devices inc.

   Entry level professional card.

ATI Firepro V5800

08 June 2024 in ATI Technologies Inc.

Midline profi card of year 2010.

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200

30 August 2014 in NVIDIA Corporation

Lowend card of GeForce FX line.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

05 June 2024 in NVIDIA Corporation

Entry level Fermi generation card.

Matrox MGA-G200 (Millennium G200)

11 August 2014 in Matrox

New 128bit core, AGP 2x support.

Matrox Parhelia

23 March 2015 in Matrox

Hi-end Matrox card with 512-bit GPU, triple-head (VGA only) support and 10-bit per color channel.

Matrox Parhelia-LX

16 August 2014 in Matrox

Lowcost Parhelia with reduced memory bus and number of pipelines.

Chips&Technologies B69030

31 May 2024 in Chips&Technologies Inc.

Dual HiQVideo accelerator with integrated 4MB SDRAM.

Chips&Technologies B65554 (HiQV64)

28 July 2014 in Chips&Technologies Inc.

True 64bit high performance mobile controller with increased max mem size to 4MB.

Silicon Motion SM712 (Lynx EM4+)

02 September 2023 in Silicon Motion

2D multimedia mobile chip for embedded industry. Faster clocked revision of the original Silicon Motion SM712 (Lynx EM+).


14 November 2014 in S3 Graphics

Faster perspective correction and bilinear filtering.

Tseng ET6000

16 January 2015 in Tseng Labs, Inc.

128bit GUI accelerator using MDRAM memory.

Tseng ET6100

17 May 2023 in Tseng Labs, Inc.

Company's last chip with enhanced RAMDAC.

ATI mach64 VT

14 June 2014 in ATI Technologies Inc.

Official core name is ATI-264VT. Added MPEG-1 acceleration support.

Glenfly Arise-GT10C0

23 December 2023 in Other cards

Card made in China for their domestic market.

Glenfly Arise-GT1020

23 December 2023 in Other cards

Card made in China for their domestic market.

STMicroelectronics KYRO II

21 December 2014 in VideoLogic - Imagination Technologies

Higher clocked dieshrinked KYRO.

S3 Chrome S27

29 April 2024 in S3 Graphics

Lowend lowpower multimedia card.

S3 Chrome S25

29 November 2014 in S3 Graphics

Lowend lowpower multimedia card.

NVIDIA Quadro M4000

29 April 2024 in NVIDIA Corporation

Midrange profi version of GeForce GTX 980 with 384 shaders disabled.

Cirrus Logic CL-GD510/520

04 July 2014 in Cirrus Logic Inc.

Standart VGA solution with hardware mouse cursor support.

NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE

07 April 2024 in NVIDIA Corporation

Renamed GeForce 8400 GS for OEM markets.

Intel Arc A310

06 April 2024 in Intel Corp.

Lowcost Intel Alchemist card.

SiS 6225

10 March 2024 in SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.)

Lowcost 3D card.


11 September 2019 in VideoLogic - Imagination Technologies

The PowerVR add-in board.

SiS 6205

27 January 2024 in SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.)

Lowcost GUI accelerator found onboard or on a proprietary riser.

ATI Radeon HD 4350

12 March 2024 in ATI Technologies Inc.

Radeon HD 4550 with halved DDR2 memory clocks.

Trident TGUI9440-2

24 December 2023 in Trident Microsystems Inc.

48-pin reduction from TGUI9440-1 with added integrated ROM BIOS. Identical to Trident TGUI9440-3 but lacks ISA support

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

10 March 2024 in NVIDIA Corporation

Mainstream card of years 2012/2013.

Diamond Fire GL 4000 (Mitsubishi 3DPro/2mp)

29 January 2015 in Diamond Multimedia

Highend profi graphics accelerator based on Evans & Sutherland chipset.


31 July 2020 in IIT (Integrated Information Technology, Inc.)

Higher clocked AGX014 with added suppport for VL-Bus and faster GUI acceleration.