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Apple DAPC5IB16C3

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Uknown Apple module.


ID number is DAPC5IB16C3. According to some polish site it could be part of PowerBook 1400 - optional module - used for video out or lan card. Looking for following info: exact model name of computer it came from, is it independent graphics card?, name of output connector, name of chipset, memory size, bus type.

Vlask's card:

Apple DAPC5IB16C3
Apple DAPC5IB16C3
Apple DAPC5IB16C3
Apple DAPC5IB16C3
Apple DAPC5IB16C3
Apple DAPC5IB16C3
DAPC5IB16C3 output
DAPC5IB16C3 output
DAPC5IB16C3 output

Additional Info

  • Made by: Apple
  • Codename: unknown
  • Bus: Other
  • Year: 1996
  • Card Type: Mac
  • Manufacturer: LSI Logic
  • Made in: Korea
  • Owned by: Vlask
  • Sold by: Apple
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# RE: Apple DAPC5IB16C3Lee 2016-02-11 20:26
This is an 8-bit external video card for the 1400c and 1400cs, from what I can tell. I don't know if it fits other models. The RAM chip on-board is 256k x 16 VRAM, so it's good for at least 800x600 (one seller was claiming 832x624, a standard Mac resolution).

The LSI Logic chip is the video controller, an Apple-designed frame buffer chip called "Keystone". I imagine it's similar to the zillion other dumb frame buffer chips Apple made back in those days (and probably most similar to "Toby" from the original Mac II video card).

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