3Dlabs Inc. Ltd.

3Dlabs Inc. Ltd. (24)

Founded in April 1994 by buying DuPont Pixel (graphic division - mostly SPARC) from DuPont.
Focused on high-end-profi chips and graphic cards.
1st chip - GLINT 300SX, last card - Wildcat Realizm 800
In 1998 buys Dynamic Pictures, in 2000 Intense3D from Intergraph and in 2002 is sold to Creative Labs.

On February 24th 2006, 3DLABS refocused its business and stopped developing its workstation graphics cards for the PC and announced it would focus on its new DMS™ low-power media-rich application processors.

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PCI Express based High-end professional graphics accelerator.

PCI Express based mid-range professional graphics accelerator.

Company's last AGP card.

Realizm 200 with half memory size.

Highend OpenGL card.

Professional OpenGL card.

High-end dual display workstation graphics.

Price/performance dual display workstation card.

Entry-level dual display workstation graphics.

High-end profi OpenGL card.

Ultrahigh-end Wildcat accelerator of year 2002.

Mainstream version of Wildcat 6210 with reduced memory size.

Mainstream version of Wildcat II 5110.

Fastest profi OpenGL card of year 2001.

High-end workstation accelerator using 2x GLINT R4 rasterisers and GLINT Gamma 2 geometry processor.

High-end dual-monitor accelerator using 2x GLINT R3 rasterisers and GLINT Gamma 2 geometry processor.

GLINT R3 (Permedia 3/Oxygen VX1) + GLINT Gamma G1 Geometry processor.

Last company try for mainstream.

Highend OpenGL card.

Mid-range dual-monitor accelerator using 2x RPM 2/64 rasterisers.

Lowend die-shrink of Permedia 2.

First and last succesfull 3Dlabs mainstream chip.

2nd 3Dlabs try aimed on mainstream users.

First try to establish a consumer-card and standard for 3D-acceleration and the only 3D-accelerator for the Vesa Local Bus.