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This is one of my latest projects. Its still not final, but you'll find there almost all graphic chips makers. Others will be added later. If you know about any card missing in one of the trees, let me know in comments. But link there some prove of existence too, because i found many cards written on wikipedia with no sign of their existence (probably never released - many of them made by Cirrus). If you really want to have here new branch with you favourite maker, then you can send too whole tree info, and i will add it faster (looking for apple chips info - some apple genius fan outthere?, will add apple only if someone send me list of names + date+mem size).

Whole image is too big, but smaller fonts will be not readable. So sorry to people with really small monitors. You have to scroll more. You can download image in full resolution (10k pixels wide) and colors in download part of article or view it here. Webgallery version now opens smaller version. I will try to keep also some kind of version info about updates.

If you have really big wall, you can print it also on Plotter - many companies do this for anyone. Usual limit on most machines is 160cm height. I got recently one print too and put it on wall in company i work for (worked for, unemployed right now). Dimensions are 152x328cm without some more blank space around. It looks great.

Recently thanks to Stiletto i got many more documentation about various graphic chips, including unreleased ones. Since i don't have any of those prototypes (and don't think it change - im not so rich to buy any), i put info about these cards in download section of this article.

History tree small version
History tree small version
History tree small version

08-08-2022: Expanded with years 2015/2016. Added ASPEED AST2510, Hualon HM86305, SiS 86C14, Tidalwave TM6310, Tseng ET1700.
09-16-2020: Added Olivetti Omega 5 and cards from year 2014.
08-10-2020: Added Tech-Source tree. Most cards are based on 3rd party chips, but few had company developed TROZ chip. Updated 3Dlabs with Oxygen VX1-16 and VX1-1600SW. Updated 3Dfx with Voodoo 4 4500. Added RealVision Lupin-2.
06-16-2019: Replaced chipnames at 3DLabs with cards - Oxygen RPM, VX1, GVX1, Permedia 3, Oxygen GVX210, GVX1 Pro, GVX420, Wildcat II 5000, 5110, Wildcat VP560, VP760, VP870, VP970, Wildcat III 6110, 6210, Wildcat4 7110, 7210. Added Motorola SC02 - Compaq QVision 1280/E, IBM Grayscale Graphics Display Adapter, Dynamic Pictures Oxygen 202, 402 and Paradise PVC2. Added Real3D tree. Updated some memory sizes at SGI thanks to Jiří Zima.
06-16-2018: Added ASPEED AST1300. Updated Acumos with AVC1, Paradise - Verticom HX16 / 256, S3 - SuperSavage IXc / MX / SuperSavage/IXc-166, Sun - XVR-1000 / XVR-4000, Trident  - Blade T16, VideoLogic - Midas 1 & 2.
07-16-2017: Added cards from year 2013. Updated Realtek with RTG3100 and NVIDIA with many OEM cards. Removed Twinhead (1984) 8190G10 and added UMC UA89C000 instead.
05-14-2016: Added Apple tree. Updated Realtek with RTG3105i.
01-30-2016: Created new tree for Signetics and updated it with 2636 PVI, 2637 UVI, SCN2674 AVDC. Updated AMD with Am8052/8152A and Intergraph with Edge 2+.
08-08-2015: Added Neomagic. Updated Texas Instruments with TMS9918, TMS9918A, TMS9928A, TMS9929A, TMS9118, TMS9128, TMS9129. Updated Yamaha with V9938 and V9958.
07-03-2015: Decreased memory size of GeForce FX 5800 to 128MB, added Creative Graphics Blaster Picture Perfect, Wildcat Realizm 100/200/500 (thx goes to obobskivich). Added VIA/S3 CLE266, few small fixes at SiS cards.
02-24-2015: Added DEC (Digital) and Synertek tree. Added NEC µPD72120, NVIDIA GeForce 7500LE, Matrox TITAN/DUBIC (Impression), Oak OTI-64017, Realtek RTG3108, S3 Savage4 LT & GT, SiS 6225, UMC UM6845 & UM6845E, Paradise PVC4A & PVC4 & PVGA1B, Signetics SCC63484 ACRTC, Infotronic IGP-64, Media Vision MVV452, Barco AURA. Removed GTK VGA1 (Renamed Acumos AVGA1). Many small fixes at dates and memory sizes.
04-05-2014: Few fixes at Intel chipsets.
04-05-2014: Added many S3 and SiS chipsets. Updated one card companies - Everex ICC00203, Infotronic IMSGP2000, InteGraphics Systems IGA 1680_A
02-27-2014: Added AMD(ATi) 2012 cards. Updated memory sizes at S3 Trio32 and Vision cards (thx goes to Stiletto for uploading datasheets)
02-25-2014: Added mobile Nvidia 2012 cards.
02-23-2014: Added UMC UM487 and some Nvidia 2012 cards. Rest and ATi ones will come later.
09-10-2013: Added Nvidia FX 5100
08-01-2013: Updated Chips and Technologies with 65548, in early Matrox models card names replaced by chip names, updated memory sizes at many chips
12-31-2012: Added IXMICRO
12-30-2012: Added less known companies (bottom left corner), updated SGI with Reality and added some memory sizes
12-25-2012: Added Sun
11-20-2012: Updated ATi with ES1000 and added some HP nonPC cards
11-18-2012: Added HP, Winbond and updated Chips and Technologies with 69030
11-11-2012: Added Acer and Compaq
10-30-2012: Updated IBM tree with GXT graphics (non PC) for RS/6000 computers
10-01-2012: Added Silicon Motion
09-18-2012: Added IIT, Ahead Systems and updated Hitachi with HD6345/6445
08-28-2012: Added NCR and Emulex. Updated Nec - D65040 and SiS - 86C16
08-26-2012: Updated Nec tree - professional cards
08-25-2012: Added Evans & Sutherland
08-23-2012: Added Motorola and OPTi
08-21-2012: Added SGI
08-20-2012: Added AMD and Nec
08-16-2012: Added Cornerstone Imaging
08-15-2012: Added Intergraph. Webgallery now opens smaller image with lesser quality and size. For full sized image click on link in article.
08-14-2012: Added paperlaunch companies BitBoys, Gigapixel and Real3D (cause everybody wants them there despite they never sold single card), splitted Chromatic Mpact into 2 models, merged Glint R3 and Permedia 3 into one, added Matrox M-series
08-09-2012: Added UMC and Paradise Systems
08-07-2012: Added AccelGraphics and Dynamic Pictures
08-06-2012: Added ARTIST Graphics, updated SiS/XGI with Volari Z7, Z9 and Z11 - need more info about Z9 and Z11
08-04-2012: Added Hitachi, Sigma Designs, Hualon HM6311 and Yamaha V6355D
08-02-2012: Added Gemini and Hualon
07-31-2012: Added Macronix, Texas Instruments and futher decreased size of smaller version (50% decrease of resolution)
07-29-2012: Added G-2, Video-7, Headland Technology and Genoa
07-28-2012: Added Weitek and smaller size version (about half) with less colors.
07-23-2012: Added Tamarack
07-22-2012: Added Yamaha
07-19-2012: Updated Intel tree with 82720, 82730, 82786, 82716, i960. Thx goes to Intel Museum. Added Avance Logic
07-17-2012: Added 3Dlabs, Tseng ET2500, Videologic Midas 3
07-15-2012: Added Chips and Technologies, Chromatic Research
07-14-2012: Added Intel chips, Nvidia NV2
07-12-2012: First public version

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# Diamond?Lloyd M 2016-10-16 06:06
Seems like you kind of skipped over Diamond. They were a that in the VESA days. And VESA, for that matter
+4 # RE: Diamond?Vlask 2016-10-17 09:32
No i haven't. Diamond so far as i know never did its own graphics core, they always used someones else. So its not video chip inventor. They only created their own cards, so its something like Asus, MSI or Gainward these days. This image is only about chip makers, not card resellers.....Because of this fact, there is missing also Hercules company, which at last did 2 new graphics standards, but they used for them Motorola chips, so its not in there too.

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