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Welcome to mine personal graphic cards online museum (3rd incarnation). These pages reflects mine personal collection of graphic cards. I've started collecting em some years ago, because i like collecting old junk :-) , i'm probably geek and internet is filled with CPU webs, but its hard find any about graphic cards. So i decided to make one. I started on Phprs engine and been using it few years, but with increasing numbers of cards, i needed better system with better searching features. Well this one isn't i hoped for, but its still better than old pages.

So here you can find tons of photos of old cards and some basic info about them. I'm trying also get bios from working cards. But keep in mind, that i'm using dumpbios NSSI dos utility, so better don't try to flash em to your card - seems to me like a fastest way to hell for your card. Bioses are there only for educational purposes - i'm often checking them for bios compiling date and card name. Also i'm doing some basic benchmarks, so if you wanna know which card would be best for your nostalgic old DOS gaming PC, head there.

On this site you'll find also collections of Palcal and Zaatharen - they are also card collectors from Czech Republic same as me. Newest collector on site is Pirx from Germany.

If you wanna help, i'd always like to have more informations about cards. Under each article is comment option. Feel free to use them, if you know any missing information, you found nice article about card or you think that i have any info wrong (memory size is often hard to guess for me).

For drivers go to or

PS: as you already must noticed, i'm not from native english country, so sorry for mine english.

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+1 # Mr.Parni 2020-03-17 13:07
Great job Vlask! Thanks for your efforts keeping the legacy alive :)
# EngrAnthony Nwose 2020-02-13 07:59

Please how do I source this graphic card (WILDCAT VP880 PRO).

I look forward to your urgent response.


Anthony Nwose
# unknown XT-Card with 80c188Robert 2020-01-10 19:10

this card is a hdlc serial communication card, which acts active with its own controller 80c188. The Zilog chip is the serial-protocol chip. these type of cards were used in telecom applications and also for LAN before ethernet became standard. "VGA" SubD Connector is just used there by chance, connector standard is much older than VGA-standard, was used beforehand in some really other meanings. so be careful before connecting monitors eg to such connectors ;o)

Another thing: i could not find any BIOS file on your site, were you forced to remove them all?

I am interested in Bios from original IBM or other real 8Bit VGA cards as well as from 8/16bit Cards, which are known for 8-bit compatibility on 8-bit machines like PC and XT.

As most -even much later- VGA-chipsets claim themselves for "register-level" or even HW-compatibility to IBM Standard VGA Card, all should be able to run in 8-bit slots too….

There are only a few pitfalls for 16bit cards from the HW-aspect, which could be solved rather easy... But later BIOS software does not take care about 8bit and some other PC/XT specialities (like parallel operation with ST506 Disk-controllers or even Hercules/MDA Cards..., Slot8 and so on...)

So having access to some real old Bios-contents would it make easier for me to prove this!

Thanks in advance,

best regards,

# Bad news-wrong infoPawel 2019-12-02 20:57
On voodoo1 you have max memory 6mb. max memory for sst-1 is 8mb. (Skywell Magic 3D Plus). Correct it please:
+2 # hmannPaul Hartman 2018-05-05 04:22
I had the pleasure of working for Headland Technology Video Seven when they had developed the Core logic Solution and the SPEA 1280 Graphics card. I was known as the courier, although I actually did allot more. I have some Video Seven images that were some of the first ever generated by one of there graphics cards, and a paper airplane that can be printed and folded.
# RE: AboutLuke McCarthy 2018-03-25 19:46
Hi Vlask, I keep coming across your site whenever I search for information on old/obscure video cards.

I am a collector of old computer parts and would be interested in contributing to this site.

# RE: AboutVlask 2018-04-08 20:40
This site is only about personal collections. Not list of all cards made....So you need to fullfill few requirements like
1)be graphics cards collector
2)be able taking photos of your cards
3)able to edit articles on site (joomla based, quite easy, basic understanding of html helps a lot with editing = its faster)
4)know how to use ftp for uploading your photos
If youre still interested send me mail (its in exchange list article-trade section) with number of your cards and preferably top 10 your cards youre most proud.
+1 # RE: AboutDaniel 2017-08-23 20:02
One of those hidden little website gems… I've been browsing the world wide web of classic computing sites for more than 15 years. This is the first time I ended up here, and I think it's fantastic. You chose a focus and you're doing a great job offering information that is very hard, or impossible, to find anywhere else. Congratulations on the site, thank you for your work, and keep it up!
# RE: AboutVlask 2017-10-25 15:38
Well its made with love :-) So it must be great. Spend almost 3/4 of one year just with updating all info about all cards when i was switching to updated engine....So it took some time. But i guess it was worth it - at last i can tell that i have best site about graphics card on the world 8)
+1 # RE: AboutJochen 2015-05-24 02:19
Thanks Peter! This could be helpful. :-)

# RE: AboutJochen 2015-05-24 02:06
Hey Vlask,

I justed want to thank you for doing such a great job with your VGA- museum. I'm building oldie-PC's as a hobby and your site is a really fine knowledgebase for older VGA-cards.
I've got a few cards myself and I know it's a lot of work to catalogue them, take pictures, get mad, take pictures again, etc. ;-) .

I'm doing a little FB-group about retro- computers (about 1992 - 2002, not to retro) and I'll set a link to your site, because it has much more information as I could give.
At the moment I'm building a slot A- system with a 1GHz Orion on a Epox EP-7KXA. If you like, you could visit us there:
The site has a lot of pics, and we got 50 nice members from different countries.

Best wishes & keep up the good work!
+2 # RE: AboutVlask 2015-05-25 14:18
Nice facebook site, but mostly in Deutsch and that's not language i remembered most from school even through i was learning it 9 years... :-*

Btw why you building so many retro PC? For sale? If i wanted retro PC, it would be only for gaming and for that i could imagine only one PC for DOS (486 like) and one for W98 games....

Will do continue in maintaining site, too bad that Palcal and Pirx don't have time lately for adding their cards. Palcal told me, that he have few hundreds more cards to add on site. Let's hope that he finish rebuilding his home soon and will have more free time - he has always most interesting cards.

Also wanted to add graphs like in benchmarks links showing fillrate and similar info about all cards, but need to find and pay first good php developer (connecting database isn't so easy as i hoped it would be).
+2 # Info about cards (jumper settings)Peter 2015-01-31 06:58
Maybe that link (jumper settings for 18655 devices) can be interesting 4U

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