Western Digital Corp.

Western Digital Corp. (19)

Founded April 23, 1970. In 1986 buys Paradise Systems, inc. In 1995 Paradise graphics division sold to Philips.
Focused on HDD, earlier also on controllers.
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64-bit GUI accelerator with PCI and MPEG-1 support.

WD90C24A-ZZ with minor changes made by older process.

Mobile GUI accelerator.

GUI accelerator with VL-Bus support and increased max memory size to 2MB.

High performance VGA chipset.

Slightly upgraded WD90C11 (higher memclock, better manufacturing technology).

Renamed Paradise Systems PVGA1A-JK chipset.

Profi CAD card. IBM 8514/A compactible.

Added 640 x 480 EGA and 132 column text mode.

Renamed PEGA1A from Paradise Systems.

Addon chip for Motorola 6845 and its clones.