Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. (15)

Founded in April 1, 1976
Focused on computer hardware, software, consumer electronics
1st card - Video Graphics Controller - VGC (32kB - 1986) - Apple IIGS, last card - Valkyrie-AR (1MB - 1996) - PowerMac 5400/6400.

In this category are also cards from other makers (not only from Apple) used on various Apple platforms. wikipedia my apple chips research

PDS VIVO card that was supplied with Apple Power Macintosh 6100 AV, 7100 AV and 8100 AV.

8bit PDS card for Power Mac 7100.

8bit PDS card for Power Mac 8100.

Probably controller for highend Mac monitors.

High-end 2D card.

Cheap 2D card.

2D card for graphic designers.

2D card for graphics professionals.

High-end video grabber for Apple.